Recently incoming Executive Director Karney Dunah outlined an exciting vision for 2016.  The theme is "Reaching Out."

With respect to fund raising, Mr. Dunah set the following goals:

  • Reach out and connect with the ULICAF Liberian Base.
  • Reach out and connect with our American friends/contributors.
  • Reach out and Connect with Churches.

Many people see ULICAF as the fundraising organization for the Liberia International Christian College (LICC).  However, our mission has always been larger than that.  The question is:

How can we be used by God to be a part of the rebuilding process
of Liberia after a brutal civil war and now post Ebola epidemic?

For the next 12 months, Mr. Dunah envisions ULICAF beginning to extend beyond the LICC and Ganta to reach people, churches, and mission stations.  Goals include:

  • Identify LICC graduates working outside of Ganta and encourage and support their ministries.
  • Liaise with our partner, the United Liberia Inland Church, and do an feasibility study for supporting of churches and mission stations in Liberia.

This work will not be easy, but we can do it with God's help and yours!


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