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Thanks for visiting our website. We appreciate your time and interest to learn more about ULICAF and what God is doing in Liberia through this organization and her partners.

In December of 2015 Dr. Sei Buor, former Executive Director for ULICAF transitioned to Liberia. In his new role as president of the Liberian International Christian College, we will continue to aggressively pursue ULICAF’s agenda: lead people to faith in Christ and disciple them, preparing men and women who will serve in both Christian and secular communities with revered to God.

My name is Karney Dunah, the new Executive Director for ULICAF. Serving in this role is a great privilege and it is extremely humbling to take on this responsibility. I am married to Lydia for the past 26 years and we have been blessed with four children: Dunahtaye, 24, a US Marine serving in Japan, Kehlay, 22, graduate of Taylor University interning in Portland OR, Kardia, 17, junior at Oswego High School, Oswego IL and Albert, 15, sophomore at Oswego High School, Oswego, IL. I am privileged to be one of the founding members of ULICAF who served as ULICAF’s first president of the board of directors and lastly served as Asst. Executive Director to Dr. Sei Buor.

Thanks for your prayers and generosity over the years. God is doing wonders in Liberia as a result of your willingness to be used by Him to further His kingdom here on earth. I am excited to bring you the good news of what God is doing:

  1. The gospel of Jesus Christ is reaching to hundreds and thousands of Liberians in their towns and villages by men and women who are being trained at Liberian International Christian College (LICC). LICC is a Christian College initiative of ULICAF.
  2. Graduates from LICC are serving in schools, churches, orphanages, banks etc. They are performing their responsibilities with honesty and integrity. They are being salt and light in a corrupt and depraved system.
  3. Young men and women are learning new and improved agricultural skills. Our agricultural program is an initiative of one of our partners, Hope in the Harvest Missions International that teaches Liberians to farm God’s way. To learn more about the program, go to www.hopeintheharvest.org.

We look forward to walking with you into deeper commitment and fellowship with God and renewed zeal to make a difference in the rebuilding of Liberia.

We are excited about what God is going to do in Liberia because of your generosity to this organization. We will continue to expand LICC and go beyond by partnering with graduates in their areas of ministry/service in towns and villages beyond Ganta.

We appreciate your love and friendship!

Karney Dunah,
Executive Director

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