LICC Administration, Faculty, and Students, 2014

Agricultural Land Owners

We teach people how to raise vegetables, fruits, grains, livestock, poultry, and fish using sustainable methods so that they can feed their families and generate income from their surplus.

Construction Workers

We hire construction workers to erect new campus buildings.

Liberian Clinics and Hospitals

Through the ULICAF Medical Supplies Program, we provide consumable medical supplies, such as rubber gloves and catheters.

Liberian Women

We provide One Hour for Christ Scholarships to qualified women in Liberia who wish to study nursing at the college or university of their choice.

Liberia International Christian College Students

We provide financial assistance in the form of LICC Honors Scholarships, work-study jobs in guest house hospitality, campus security, campus construction projects, and farm work.

Neighborhood Children

We invite neighborhood children to use our athletic facilities when they are not in use by our students.

Nimba County Residents

The Community Research Center library is open to Nimba County residents so that they may pursue lifelong learning, solve problems, and serve their own stakeholders.

School Faculty, Administrators, Students, and Neighbors

We advise people on healthy living, including good nutrition, exercise, and preventive measures; we provide immunizations; and we provide limited treatment to those who are sick or injured.

Small Business Owners

We teach people how to start small businesses, finance them, and to operate them effectively and with accountability to their stakeholders. We teach them how to be caring and ethical leaders.

Taxi Drivers

We work with the Nimba County Taxi Union to hire taxi drivers to transport people between Ganta and Monrovia.

Teachers and School Principals

We teach people how students learn; how to plan courses, units, and lessons; good teaching and evaluation methods; how to address the needs of individual learners; and best practices for classroom management.

Those Who Are Called to Ministry

We raise up and equip new church leaders to plant new churches and to pastor their congregations.

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